Biohazard: Proper Etiquette and Cleaning

Biohazard losses are always difficult situations for our mutual customers. They require specific cleaning protocols. Furthermore, these are usually highly emotional times for customers. Major Restoration Services is certified to perform biohazard cleanup. Further, we will compassionately and discreetly serve your customers during their time of need.
Thanks for all you do.
Michael L. Allen

Crime scenes, unexpected deaths, decomposing organic materials, and certain hoarding scenarios are all potential biohazard scenes no one should have to experience. But, unfortunately, they do. The police, fire fighters, EMS and other public servants involved in this scenario will investigate the matter.  What they will not do is the necessary clean-up. This matter falls into the hands of the family, property owner, or landlord.  What many consumers do not know is that each of these types of disasters requires a specialized clean-up protocol.  Too often, cleaning people are sent in with a bucket of bleach and a scrub brush – items insufficient to adequately and safely sanitize these biohazardous situations.

So, where do you turn in such a case? You turn to the professionals!  Major Restoration Services is certified and licensed in Biohazard Decontamination. We are qualified to do most biohazard cleanups that arise in both residential and commercial properties.  There are companies throughout the country that will travel to the scene, perform the cleanup, charge many thousands of dollars, and yet show no concern or compassion for the survivors. Besides cleaning up the “right way,” the last is the most important aspect for customer satisfaction.

Major Restoration will show compassion and understanding to all involved. Many times family members and friends are still at the scene, and may even choose to stay in the home while it is being cleaned and decontaminated. They are grieving, in shock, or simply trying to understand their current situation.  Although we may not know exactly what they are experiencing, our technicians are trained to do their best to put them at ease with the performance of our job.  We ensure our customers’ privacy.  If requested, we can arrive in unmarked vans.  No signs are placed.  No conversation is held with any possible spectators.  Our customers’ comfort is paramount.

Biohazard cleaning requires specialized suiting.  Different degrees of Tyvek coveralls, facemasks, or even respirators are required depending upon the type and degree of contamination.  This is for our technicians’ safety, as well as your customers’.  After dressing in the approved and applicable biohazard suiting and breathing apparatus, we secure the area, clean up the hazardous materials, and dispose of all contaminated materials that cannot be properly cleaned or sanitized.  All biohazardous materials are double bagged, double-sealed, marked biohazard, and taken to the proper waste disposal location. We will then properly decontaminate the affected area. Usually, removal of materials and sanitation of the structure will take care of any odor issues but in some cases additional odor control may dictate the use of hydroxyls or ozone processing.  We even have the ability to restore the property to pre-event condition.

The three most common biohazard issues a customer may experience would be body fluid spills, hoarding, and meth lab cleanups.  Each of these requires that different sanitization protocols be followed.  Again, training is key in cleaning up any of these scenarios.

While each biohazard clean-up is unique, in the event of any body fluid spill scenario, there may be blood or tissue remaining at the scene.  Federal regulations deem all bodily fluids and matter as a potential source of infection to both the customer and the technician. No matter how much or where it is, each drop of blood can contain infectious agents such as Hepatitis, HIV, and other contagious diseases.  Any cleanup is processed with this possibility in mind and must be cleaned within the guidelines of the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standards (1991).  This class of job requires a fully-trained technician – one who can not only show caring and support to the families, but who is also trained to the industry standards designed for maximum health safety.  Technicians are trained to sanitize the property with the approved cleaner and disinfectant suitable for the biohazardous agent.  They must remove all contaminants – both visible and invisible – from any non-porous areas of the affected structure.  This is true as well for any affected personal belongings of the customer. While non-porous belongings may be cleaned, any porous materials must be disposed of in a manner that is in accordance with the law.  The entire affected area must then be fully decontaminated.

With the advent of reality TV shows, hoarding is a disease that has been coming to light more and more frequently. Where it may be entertainment for some, it is a very serious and dangerous matter. Hoarding is considered a biohazard cleanup as scenes may include rotting organic material from food and dead animals, as well as many other materials.  It is a “layered” cleanup as well in that what is on the top could be very different from what is hidden beneath.  Furthermore, cleanup is twofold.  Not only are there organic materials and trash to dispose of, but mold is most likely present and must also be mitigated properly.

Last to be addressed is the growing issue of Meth Lab cleanup.  Meth Labs may not be as emotionally difficult to clean, but they too are a biohazard scene.  These too are areas that must be cleaned thoroughly and appropriately by a trained technician.  The combination of chemicals used in the production of meth, as well as the end result of that process, makes this a very poisonous atmosphere, one which must be rectified with very specific protocols.

No matter what the circumstances of your customers’ needs, please have a licensed, certified, local company – like Major Restoration Services – do the job.  Our trained technicians are standing by waiting to serve any mitigation needs your clients may have!

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